Note to Prospective Clients:

We accept a limited number of new clients to our established clientele per month. Unfortunately we are not able to accept all new request for appointment booking.

This allows us to give all our clients premium services in a relaxing, drama free environment with limited waiting, detailed attention to your hair care & scalp needs and the service that we at Gemini 75 Hair Salon pride ourselves in. New client appointments are longer, more detailed appointments. They will include a consultation and evaluation of your hair & scalp. It’s our opportunity to get to know you, your hair, what you like, answer questions and concerns, and tailor care to your unique needs. We take this time to discuss current and suggested care products, the current health of your hair and suggested treatments, regimen and trim schedule to ensure the health of your hair.

We appreciate your understanding and look forward to bringing you quality service!

Since this is your first visit to the salon for a relaxer, we require you to schedule the New Client premium Silk Press Package for your first appointment. This is our opportunity to:

  • Give you a consultation, evaluate the hair & scalp
  • See the condition of the hair natural, dry, wet and straightened
  • Understand your length, density, and hair condition
  • Discuss current products used, products to be used post relaxer and establish a home and salon care regimen
  • Select the recommended Relaxer for your particular hair & scalp needs
  • Discuss the benefits of Olaplex to your hair relaxer regimen

This first appointment is also preparation for the relaxer service, as it will leave your hair stretched and ready for the relaxer appointment. Your hair will be in a healthier condition to receive the service.  

We will then be able to schedule your initial virgin relaxer appointment. You will be informed of:

  • Post Relaxer salon care
  • How often to receive a retouch Relaxer
  • When to return for your treatments

We are excited to get you started on your healthy relaxed hair journey!

This appointment lasts 2 to 2½ hours depending on the length and density of your hair. Please arrive with your hair free of excessive matting, tangling, braids or twist.

At this appointment we will:

  • Start with a consultation
  • Evaluate your hair & scalp
  • Discuss your concerns, questions, needs and care products used currently
  • Suggest care products and treatments

You will receive:

  • A deep cleanse & detox, removing buildup from hair shaft & scalp, dandruff, dry skin cells, and oily, waxy buildup or odor
  • An Olaplex Reparative treatment, steam hydration, Signature Silk Press service, renovate smoothing masque conditioner, Olaplex moisture mask, heat protectant & weightless smoothing serum, Olaplex #6 bond smoothing leave in.

Hair will be silked out, trimmed of split ends & styled. This service will leave dry, brittle, damaged hair silky smooth & vibrant! This treatment can provide 68% more repaired and 3x stronger hair. It also helps improve blood flow to scalp by stimulating follicles and stimulating growth. You can experience more defined curls, improved elasticity, reduced frizz, more protected and nourished hair. You’ll leave with your hair moisturized and shiny!

Please note: This is a temporarily style and will revert to its natural state when shampooed. Your hair has not been chemically altered.

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