Relaxed Hair Clients

We suggest:

• A HIGHLY recommended maintenance conditioning service regimen
• To keep heat styling to a minimum on relaxed hair
• A 2/3 hour appointment for relaxer service to include deep condition, trim, and basic style
• To have your hair conditioned at each stage of the relaxing process, this will help ensure integrity and health

It is very important that relaxed hair receive proper maintenance at the salon, as well as at home to ensure health and prevent breakage.
Several premium relaxer systems are available to meet your needs: from sensitive scalp, thin, normal or coarse hair, to color treated hair.

Color Treated Clients

Color clients receiving permanent or high lift color services, must expect to maintain a conditioning regimen to ensure continued health and prevent dryness or breakage.

ALL color clients are required to have a skin sensitivity test at least 24 hours prior to the service, if you have not had color service within 6 months.

Transitioning Clients

Expect to receive a strongly recommended conditioning plan, with frequent trims to successfully cross over into a natural stage without excessive tangling, shedding, dryness, or breakage.

Fine/Thinning Hair Clients

For our clients with fine or thinning hair due to braids or weaving (tension styling), we offer several treatment plans and take home maintenance systems to encourage growth and fuller hair for clients suffering with certain types of hair loss. We will also help you utilize treatments prescribed by a dermatologist.

Extension & Weave Clients

We recommend hair installs to be kept in 8 to 10 weeks maximum. Extended wear beyond the recommended time, will contribute to scalp issues. The extra tension on edges can also lead to hair loss.

Install Requirements:

  • We require that your hair is free of braids, weave extensions, etc., unless a take-down service has been scheduled along with your install service.
  • Hair brought in for installation, must be new or freshly shampooed.
  • Separated bundles must be free of thread and ready for service. If these conditions are not met, you must add shampoo service to your appointment for install.
  • Hair must be brought free of thread and separated by bundle for shampoo service.
  • Note: Maintenance and take-down services are available to add to your appointment at the salon. Please click here for pricing.

It is recommended that you make an appointment for weave maintenance every 2 weeks. If performing at home maintenance, please follow all directions given by stylist.

Scalp soothers and weave maintenance products are available for purchase in the salon.

Please be sure to oil the scalp weekly. Ask your stylist or see our hair menu book for more information on different types of oils.

A deep cleanse and deep condition is highly recommended after an install take-down.

Policies on weave services:

  • We reserve the right to turn down weave services for clients not properly maintaining installs or too frequently keeping installs in longer than the recommended time.
  • We are not responsible for hair loss or breakage of weaves removed outside of the salon. We recommend you take advantage of our take-down service.
  • Although we understand that some clients may have sensitive scalps or tenderness, we try our best to braid comfortably. If during the installation you feel any discomfort or the braids are too tight, please inform the stylist immediately as we are not responsible for any sores or abrasions. We will then take rapid action to adjust the tension of the braids during the process, not after.
  • We will not perform weave services on freshly relaxed hair. Please allow at least 2 weeks for weave services after relaxer services.
  • We do not perform color services or relaxers while extensions are installed.


  • ALL sew-in weaves require a $35 non-refundable deposit to secure your appointment. This fee is due at time of booking. This deposit is transferrable and will be deducted from your service balance.
  • If it becomes necessary to cancel and reschedule your appointment, your deposit will be transferred to the new appointment date/time. The deposit is non-refundable.
  • Any cancellations/rescheduling not made within 48 hours the original appointment, will result in the loss of your deposit.
  • When scheduling weave appointments and a previously used weave is to be washed & conditioned for re-use, Client must declare this so the appropriate time is allotted.
  • All partially removed weaves will still incur the full removal fee.

Please carefully read the weave policy before booking your install appointment and paying your deposit.

Refund policy: As with all our hair extension services, there are NO REFUNDS with no exceptions due to the variables and nature of work. ANY SERVICE ISSUES MUST BE ADDRESSED AT TIME OF SERVICE.

Olaplex Treatment Clients

Why should I try Olaplex Treatment?
Olaplex rebuilds broken hair and will reconnect those broken disulfide bonds.

What is it?
It is NOT a conditioning treatment – it is a reparative treatment.
We have bonds called disulfide bonds in our hair. During chemical services, coloring, etc., these bonds are broking, creating increased weakness in the hair. Olaplex helps to multiply and mend these bonds and cross bonds, repairing your hair, preparing it for chemical service.
Olaplex fortifies the hair, actually making it stronger. Olaplex’s formula multiplies the bonds within the hair structure and relinks broken bonds, effectively eliminating breakage or weakening during the color or chemical process.

Who is it for?
Suggested for color clients and relaxed clients. Disulfide bonds are broken down during these chemical processes.
Also recommended for naturals that heat style. Hydrogen bonds are broken during the heat straightening process, so this treatment is also great for heat-damaged hair.


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