Price List

Chemical Services
Affirm Conditioning Relaxer (Virgin)  $95.00 & up
Touch up Relaxer  $80.00 & up
Texturizer $50.00 & up
Highlights $95.00 & up
Permanent Color $70.00 & up
Affirm Fiberguard Sensitive Scalp (Virgin) $110.00 & up
Nairobi Replenishing Relaxer (Virgin) $95.00 & up
Nairobi Pamper Relaxer (Virgin) $100.00 & up


Relaxer Systems
Mizani Butter Blends  $80.00 Virgin  $95.00
Affirm Fiberguard   $85.00 Virgin  $100.00
Affirm Sensitive Scalp   $90.00 Virgin  $105.00
Affirm Fiberguard Sensitive Scalp  $95.00 Virgin  $110.00
Nairobi Replenishing Relaxer  $80.00 Virgin  $95.00
Nairobi Pamper Relaxer   $85.00 Virgin  $100.00


Wrap ‘n Curl $50.00 & up
Roller Wrap $50.00
Pin Curls $5.00 extra
Soft Wave Wrap  $55.00
Shampoo, Blow-dry & Flat Iron  $50.00 & up
Shampoo, Blow-dry & Curl (extensions)  $60.00 & up
Silk Press  $60.00
Up-Do Style  $55.00
Up-Do Style w/ hair added  $65.00
Spiral Curls  $55.00
Twist Set  $55.00
Flex Rods  $60.00
Straw Curls  $65.00 & up
Shape up  $10.00
Trim  $15.00 & up
Style Cut  $25.00 & up
Toppik/ XFusion Hair Fibers (add-on to service)  $5.00
Ponytail on Natural hair  $70.00
Ponytail on Relaxed hair  $60.00


Sewn Weave (full install) Traditional $155.00
Sewn Weave w/ closure (full install) $175.00
Additional bundles on install (after 3) $20.00 per bundle
Additional microlinks on install (after 3) $35.00 per row
Tracks w/ Bond $10.00
Sewn Tracks Single (per row) $25.00 each
Removal – Bond $10.00
Removal – Sew-in $45.00
Extended Take Down $55.00
Shampoo/Condition Bundles $15.00
Color w/ Extensions Priced to Consultation
Shampoo, Blow-dry, Curl, Scalp care (Extensions) $60.00


Conditioner/Treatment Breakdown
Recovery Treatment (for early stages of thinning)  $20.00
Stimusil  $20.00
Hydrafuse/Kerafuse  $20.00
NairoPlex 2-step Intensive Protein Treatment  $25.00
NairoPlex w/Protasil  $25.00
Protasil  $20.00
Scalp treatment w/ detoxifying shampoo  $15.00
Scalp treatment  $15.00
Detoxifying Shampoo (add to service)  $5.00
Pamper Pak  $20.00
PamPerlex w/ Pamper Pak  $25.00
PamperPlex  $15.00
Scalpcare Exfoliating Prelift Treatment  $5.00
Kenra Volumizing Shampoo & Conditioner  $10.00
Nioxin Diamax Advanced Thickening Xtrafusion Treatment  $5.00
Detoxifying Shampoo (add-on service)  $5.00
Scalpcare Exfolidating Pre-lift Treatment  $5.00


*All Prices are Base Price; they are subject to change based on length or extra product needed and/or hair condition
*All Relaxer services includes deep condition, trim, & basic style
*Removal of extended worn weave that takes an hour or more to remove & detangle, past recommended time (over 4-5 months), is an Extended Take Down
*There will be an additional charge to shampoo & condition reused bundles
*Minimal leave out is still considered a Full Sew In (Part & Front edges)


*Note: If Client starts take down process, and does not complete it by the appointment time, the full take down fee will still be charged
* Frontals may have to be removed and re-installed before original duration of the install is reached NOTE: There is an additional fee for this service
*All Prices are Base Price; they are subject to change to length or extra product needed and/or hair condition




Late Cancel/NO show fee

24-hour notice Required


Weave install late cancel fee

48-hour notice Required


Late Appointment Fee

15 min. grace period permitted